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Selection of best website builder for your needs is a crucial first step if you want to create your own site. There are many options available, some for absolute beginners, some more powerful, and some like Zenfoliowhich are intended for specific uses.

In our Zenfolio review, we take a close look at this popular portfolio website builder. We analyze its pricing, key features, user interface, support, and more. to help you determine whether or not this is a good option for your needs.

Zenfolio Website Builder Review

Pricing starts at $8 per month (Image credit: Zenfolio)

Packages and rates

Zenfolio offers three paid plans with monthly and annual payment options. There is also a 14-day free trial that you can use to test out the platform.

At the cheaper end of the spectrum is the Startup plan, which costs $8 per month ($6 with an annual plan). It includes a great selection of templates, unlimited video and photo uploads, and the ability to connect your own domain name.

Upgrade to Professional package will cost you $30 per month ($22 with an annual plan). You’ll get access to everything in the Starter plan, plus a more powerful site editor, online store tools, and a custom watermark.

Finally, the Advanced package starts from $44 per month ($32 with an annual plan). On top of everything in the Pro plan, you’ll have access to a suite of powerful features designed for professional photographers, including post-shoot green screen.

Zenfolio Website Builder Review

Zenfolio has an excellent list of photo-specific features (Image credit: Zenfolio)


Zenfolio’s photography portfolio website builder is backed by a suite of advanced features to help you get the most out of your site. Below we list some of the most notable.

When you sign up for a new Zenfolio account, you’ll get access to a suite of free photography website templates, mobile-friendly themes, a drag-and-drop editor, and more.

Showcase your work in public galleries to help you win more clients. Then you can create custom photo galleries with password protection to help you share your work with existing clients. You can also create a simple online store to sell photos, videos or other content.

You will also have access to a suite of advanced marketing tools, with the aim of helping you grow your social network. Integrations are available for all major social media platforms, and there’s even a range of SEO tools to help boost your organic search traffic.

Zenfolio recently launched an enhanced version of BookMe, an advanced tool that automates booking, scheduling, gallery building, and commerce for professional photographers.

BookMe streamlines and simplifies a photographer’s daily workflow by automating a host of functions that traditionally added hours to a photographer’s workday.

The BookMe button can be added to any photographer’s website, even those not hosted by Zenfolio, and can be customized with the photographer’s logo and color scheme.

Zenfolio Website Builder Review

The Zenfolio editor is simple and intuitive (Image credit: Zenfolio)

Interface and in use

To get started with Zenfolio, you can either sign up for a premium plan or take advantage of the 14-day free trial. No credit card information is required to start the free trial, and the only things you need to provide are a name and email address.

Once registered, you will be guided through a simple four-step setup process. Here you can specify the type of site you want, select an initial design, upload some photos, and add SEO information.

The website editor itself is quite simplistic, but it has enough tools for you to customize your design. Change color schemes, rearrange or rearrange design elements, and add your own content for a truly personalized portfolio.

Finally, there’s an impressive media management area that lets you upload and organize your photos and videos. Create custom galleries on different pages, add password-protected client galleries and showcase your work to potential clients.

Zenfolio Website Builder Review

Different support options are available (Image credit: Zenfolio)


Zenfolio offers many support services, including live support and a range of self-help resources. Reach out to the customer service team via live chat, online ticket submission, or email, and expect a response fairly quickly.

You can also book a free one-on-one setup session to connect with a Zenfolio expert who can help get your site started.

Or take advantage of the wide range of self-help resources, which include step-by-step guides, comprehensive webinars, and more.

The competition

When it comes to portfolio website builders, Zenfolio is definitely not a bad option. However, there are alternatives that are definitely worth considering.

For example, Wix is ​​known as the most powerful website builder in the world. Leverage the power of the platform to create a highly functional and personalized portfolio. It is similarly priced to Zenfolio, and there are many add-ons available through the Wix App Market that you can use to add additional portfolio functionality to your site.

Squarespace is another decent option, especially for those who value high-quality designs above all else. It is known for its excellent portfolio templates, very attractive designs, and impressive editing tools. And while Squarespace certainly isn’t the easiest website builder to use, its section-based editor allows for passable design flexibility.

final verdict

Ultimately, there’s a reason why Zenfolio is one of the highest rated portfolio website builders in the world. It offers a range of tools to help you showcase photo and video content, as well as e-commerce features to help you sell your work, a beginner-friendly editor, and more.

On top of that, Zenfolio has very competitive pricing, great customer support, and a remarkable media organization portal.

The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable and highly functional portfolio website builder, Zenfolio should definitely be among your best options.

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