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We all have questions about the world around us and this can include social, scientific or everyday life issues. We ask our parents and teachers for the answers.

But, let’s face it, at a young age like yours, the line of questions never stops; let’s just give your parents or teachers a little break and ask Dr Universe at – a site with questions from kids around the world about anything that interests them.

So who is Dr. Universe? Well, he’s a cute yet smart fictional cat character wearing a lab coat, who carefully investigates and explores the perfect explanation for questions submitted by children around the world. Dr. Universe doesn’t do her job alone, she teams up with professors, researchers and other experts to provide factual answers.

So on the site, you will not find any twisted details. With a simple interactive homepage, the site is easy to navigate. You can choose from the given sections in the center.

By clicking on “Explore”, the categories “Brain and body”, “Culture”, “Earth and sky”, “Food and health”, “History and geography”, “Plants, animals and insects”, “Technology, Engineering” will open. and mathematics”; while you can ask any question in the “Ask me” section and watch the answers to questions in video format in the “Videos” section.

The “Activities” section will allow you to download virtual backgrounds, posters, coloring pages, etc. but you will be able to listen to podcasts in episodes in the “Podcasts” section.

You’ll be amazed that even six-year-olds ask questions and get answers. So it looks like a family board where you can ask all the questions that come to mind. And of course, Dr. Universe encourages kids to keep asking questions.

The website receives many questions and Dr Universe does its best to answer as many as possible via email. She posts a great question every week on the website and sends it to the Cat Mail e-newsletter.

The site claims that each post is verified and approved by a Washington State University professor, researcher, or graduate student.

Have questions? Ask Dr Universe at or stay connected with her on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Posted in Dawn, Young World, March 12, 2022

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