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Top 5 Most Popular German Restaurants in Detroit, Michigan | restaurant review

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5. Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a three-storey German restaurant that offers authentic drinks, food, entertainment and dancing since opening in 1961. Their ground floor is their “Alpine Dining Room”, a relaxed pub dining experience in a brasserie setting. They use tablet menus that can be scanned onto their tables. Other floors include “Club Above”, with a DJ, live music and dancing. They now offer Latin Night every Friday. The top floor is the Rathskeller, where you can enjoy food and drink in a classic Rathskeller setting. Heidelberg is family-run, lively and fun. Some of their popular menu items include their rouladen, wurst sampler, sauerbraten, beer boots and spaetzle.

4. The Dakota Inn Rathskeller

This authentic German bar has been thriving since 1933. Their Spring Biers and Fish Frydays are a must! This restaurant will truly transport you to Germany, with its dark wood interior, decor, and authentic food and drink. It’s a great place for groups and families, and the environment is usually loud and busy. They celebrate Oktoberfest from September to October, so be sure to check that out! They also offer great vegetarian options. Some popular dishes include their reuben soup, red kraut, sauerbraten, sausage plate and apple strudel.

3. bierkeller

Bierkeller prides itself on delivering an incredible dining experience based on culture, quality and connection. They have 34 local and international draft beers, delicious food, signature drinks, friendly staff, and a toast at 9:00 p.m. They specialize in American bar food with a German twist. Their menu includes vegan and vegetarian options, and they also offer live music, TV, a full bar, and happy hour specials. Popular foods include chicken and waffles, German spring rolls, paprikash, keller cakes, and German soft-shell tacos.

2. Metzger’s German Restaurant

Metzger successfully serves authentic dishes German cuisine and merchandise in a perfectly European atmosphere for over 90 years. Their variety of German entrees includes wiener schnitzel, sauerbraten, and Fresh Sauteed Veal Bavaria. Plus, they offer American favorites like prime rib, steak, pork chops, chicken, and seafood. Their beverages include a wide selection of beers, wines, and specialty drinks. They also offer a full catering service. Be sure to stop by during their happy hour specials. Metzger’s has a nice, laid-back vibe, sports TVs, outdoor seating, and a full bar.

1. Jacoby’s German Beer Garden

Jacoby’s was established in 1904 and over its long history has strived to maintain the tradition and reputation established by the original owners of an authentic German restaurant. food. It is the oldest German restaurant and saloon in Detroit. They have one of the best beer selections in town and a laid back, dive atmosphere. They have TVs and a full bar and are a great place for groups. Some of their famous dishes include their three kinds of schnitzel with traditional rouladen, sauerbraten, red cabbage, German sausage and chicken with lemon capers.

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