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Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants In Houston, Texas | restaurant review

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In Houston, there’s nothing better than a plate of crispy, flavorful, well-done fried chicken. But where are you going to get that? Let’s see:

Imagine southern fried chicken with a touch of charcoal barbecue. Now stop imagining because you can definitely get that amazing fried chicken in Houston. The best thing about the Barbecue Inn restaurant is that it is much cheaper than many other fried chicken restaurants in Houston.

Tumble 22 is one of the best places to eat fried chicken Nashville Texas. Although the juicy fried chicken is the main food at this restaurant, you can also try other menu items like the sandwiches and cobb salads. It also offers delicious drinks, and the best of them is the plain and simple lemonade.

Are you looking for a Korean restaurant that serves authentic Korean hot and spicy fried chicken in Houston? If yes, then Hoodadak is the perfect option for you. It serves juicy fried chicken with mouth-watering sweet and spicy sauces that are worth eating at least once in your life.

Unlike other fried chicken restaurants, Mico restaurant serves extremely spicy fried chicken which is actually spicy. So if you want spicy and hot fried chicken, then this unique restaurant is a must for you. Not only spicy fried chicken, but you can also enjoy chicken sandwiches and waffle fries because they are extremely famous.

The biggest and most famous dish at Cookshack restaurant is fried chicken with waffles. So, if you are an admirer of this tasty American dish, you must try Cookshack because it will never disappoint you.

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