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Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants In Glendale, CA | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


5. Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken

This traditional Memphis fried chicken company is famous nationwide. In California, they have been delighting people with their special recipe for many years. You should also make your taste buds dance while tasting this incredible fried chicken.

4. Next door chick

This place is great for those who love hot and spicy fried chicken. But if you don’t like that kind of fried chicken, you should still go there because they have a wide range of your favorite dishes. From tenders to wings and macaroni and cheese, they serve many dishes that interest you in this casual place.

3. Big chicken

This is one of the best chicken restaurants with local and national delivery. But he is more famous in Glendale and Las Vegas. So, you should try this restaurant in either of these two cities, because that’s how you can experience the complete hospitality of the place.

2. rock bird

It’s a small counter that sells excellent grilled and fried chicken. You can’t get many places in town like this that don’t have much to serve, but still, a fair amount of people come here.

1. Dinah’s Chicken

This family run restaurant is the best in town when it comes to fried chicken. With causal seating, they serve many different chicken recipes at this family run restaurant. So take your family, relatives or friends to this place that loves chicken dinner.

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