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Salon Review: Beauty and Rash

Tucked away in a plush and quiet corner of Altamount Road, the new unisex Beauty and the Blowout salon offers a range of beauty and hairstyling services for all genders. Being used to a salon and a particular stylist for several years had made me skeptical about experimenting with a new salon and a new stylist. But I was rather impressed with senior stylist Amit, who has worked with stylists and celebrity salons like Aalim Hakim and Kromakay.

The hairstyle was exactly as I wanted it to be. This was followed by a hair spa session and a relaxing head message (ask Milind, he’s really good). Both men and women can take advantage of various services such as second-hand makeup as well as daily self-care services such as manicure, pedicure, brushing, threading, hair coloring (which also includes trendy balayage and ombré looks), hairstyle, soothing massages and hair spas. Want to do nail extensions? They offer acrylic and gel extensions at affordable rates.

Sukoon Rajani, Founder of Beauty and the Blowout Salon, says, “B&TB responds to customer needs and resolves service and price disparities offered by luxury salons. We pamper our clients with top-notch services at affordable prices. Salons today offer beauty, hairstyling, makeup and personal care services like waxing, one-shot spinning.

While there are special hair and manicure / pedicure salons, no salon meets the needs of clients based on the occasion. I discovered this gap, trained at a reputable makeup institute, honed my skills at MAC, and bridged the gap by launching Beauty & The Blowout. Each salon stylist has undergone rigorous training in their area of ​​expertise.

Or: Beauty and the Blowout, Store on Ground Floor No.5, Raj Mahal, Altamount Road, Mumbai

Contact: 083 699 32804

– Commented by Manasi Y Mastakar

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Posted on: Sunday 04 Aug 2019, 07:00 IST

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