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Reviews of the Soho House hotel in Rome

Giulia Venanzi

Food and drink

The house kitchen, club bar and lounge are on the ninth floor, framed on both sides by a long balcony. The proportions and feng shui are excellent: it’s ample and airy in the quieter hours of the day and intimate and lively at night.

The menu is divided not only by dishes but also by style, so you can choose between dishes that appear on Soho House menus all over the world, dishes that only appear on the Soho House menu. this house and vegetarian options. (When in doubt, in Rome, ask for rigatoni amatriciana, every time, without hesitation, and drizzle with a glass of Sangiovese.)

In addition to the main restaurant, there is of course also a Cecconi’s. This is a little different from the usual: it is not on the ground floor and open to the public but on the roof and accessible to members and guests only. Although still under construction at the time of our visit, it was taking shape with its shaded pergola and scalloped lighting, its small orchard of planted olive and lemon trees, its beautiful views and its evening breeze.

The spa

Floors seven and eight are occupied by the Soho Health Club, which, along with the usual gyms and studios and Cowshed treatment rooms, offers some pretty adventurous hi-tech distractions, including cryotherapy (at a bracing less- 110 degrees centigrade), infrared, ozone and IV-drip therapy. If this all sounds a bit intimidating – as it could be – encouragement will come from spa director Gaetana Marmo, a woman who, although small in stature, possesses a natural warmth that could turn a cryo-bedroom into a bed of. Sun tanning. If she sees you walking through her door – maybe when you’re up the stairs to the bar a few floors up – she’ll call your name and invite you to join her at her bar for a cup of tea with mushroom extracts with maca and ashwagandha.

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