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Review: Triple Clef a great time in Kamloops

The concert can be viewed through March 5 on the Kamloops Chamber Musicians website, for $15.

Never pass up an opportunity to hear live music.

Whether at the Blue Grotto, The Effie or jamming with friends, it can lift your spirits. Nothing can compare to musicians bouncing off each other, whether spontaneously or adhering to a carefully written score.

A great example – the vibes of vigorously played instruments at last weekend’s Chamber Musicians of Kamloops (CMK) Triple Clef Presents


Triple Clef features Naomi Cloutier on piano, Annette Dominik on viola and Sally Arai on clarinet, delivering an intriguing program. Two of the works were by Canadian composers and one honed his skills in Kamloops.

Local, Ryan Noakes, wrote his freebies for this trio. The understanding of the instruments was remarkable.

How did he manage to do this as a singer and, sometimes, as a trumpeter?

Knowing their sound is his answer. Noakes explained that the clarinet and viola can be swapped. For most of us, however, everything is mystery.

The other Canadian composer was Marjan Mozetich, for many years a staff member at Queen’s University and now a freelance composer. Patrons of the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra (KSO) may remember his Postcards from the Sky.

Mozetich’s piece, Trio in Jest, may have been inspired by Rossini, but it is a work of the 21st century. KSO’s program notes indicate that his musical style blends the modern with the more classical romantic tendencies of melody and poetry.

It captured Rossini’s speed – often racing, even raging, the music alternated with brief, light, playful bits.

He incorporated a powerful pluck on the strings of the viola and the most amazing electric guitar sound of the clarinet.

Vibrations, indeed.

The concert can be viewed through March 5 on the Chamber Musicians of Kamloops website, for $15.

Next up for the KMC is a virtual concert with Chilean pianist Daniel Bahamondes, which will feature European and South American composers.

It will be online on March 26.

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