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Restaurant Review: Savor Korean Food in Kyochon, Deira City Center – News

Discover all things K-culture at South Korea’s famous restaurant chain

WK150422-SK-KYOCHONInterior of Kyochon, Deira City Center Dubai. April 15, 2022. Photo by Shihab

Published: Thu 28 April 2022, 20:44

Last update: Thu 28 April 2022, 20:46

Whether it’s playing K-pop music, jumping on K-beauty trends, or devouring those K-dramas, Korean culture has gained immense popularity among the general public in recent years. Also at the heart of this cultural phenomenon is Korean cuisine, rich in exquisite barbecue flavors and culturally diverse preparations. Whether you’re an expert in all things Korean or just want to try, dining at Kyochon, a well-known South Korean restaurant chain, is a great place to start.

The food culture is certainly different from the way we are used to eating in western restaurants. For one thing, there are no separate courses. So you need to plan your meals accordingly. Traditionally, Koreans like to have all their meals served at the same time. While the menu may give you a different impression with its appetizers section, the dishes will more or less be served together, in the order they are prepared, unless otherwise specified. To start, the menu offers three options, including crispy vegetable spring rolls, camembert bites and salsal chicken strips.

For cheese lovers, camembert bites, coated in a light and crispy breading, should be a real delight. Chicken Salsal, of course, is a Korean delicacy of tender, crispy boneless breaded chicken, topped with puffed rice crumbs, cooked to a golden, crispy finish. Appetizers, served on traditional rectangular plates, come with a choice of sweet chilli, jambalaya or honey mustard sauce, which perfectly complement the distinct tastes of each appetizer. The winner for me, however, was the honey mustard sauce because I certainly didn’t expect it to taste like the perfect dip to go with anything fried. Let’s just say if they had retail bottles of sauce, I would replace my refrigerated ketchup with Kyochon’s honey mustard dip.

As you work up your appetite for main courses, you’ll find a wide variety of classics with a few surprise appearances from world cuisine. If you’re looking to learn about Korean food culture, you can work your way up balancing the stronger flavors with foods your taste buds may already be familiar with, like their green salad, soy salad, KyoCrunch sandwich, and sandwich KyoVeggie. For main courses – the real deal that many Korean food lovers can head there for – try the Korean drumsticks and chicken wings. Available in three serving sizes, Hana (3 pieces), Dul (6 pieces) and Net (12 pieces), if you’ve snacked on enough starters, Dul can be enough for two people as it comes with two hearty servings of accompaniments. If you can’t decide what to go for, go with their best-selling home sampler, with a variety of options to choose from.

Be sure to leave room for the sides. With Korean favorites like Kimchi Fried Rice and Garlic Fried Rice, your drumsticks will get just the right kick. And if you don’t like rice, you can fall back on the good old fries (or wedges). Pair it with their mouth-watering dips and you might forget all about the mains. A word of warning, kimchi fried rice is spicier, so order with your spice tolerance in mind. Drumsticks and wings come in three flavors – soy garlic, red and honey, of which red is on the fiery side, while soy garlic is more suited to the faint-hearted (as far as tolerance goes). with spices). If you can’t decide on a flavor, there’s also a half and half option for Dul and Net meals, with a mix of soy garlic and red. They even have boneless chicken options, if you’re not too big on drumsticks or wings.

Even if you feel fully satisfied, you have to make room for their delicious desserts. All matcha lovers in the house, raise your hands. Their matcha cream cake is a moist matcha tea cake, covered with fondant cream, sweetened just enough and accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you’re looking for something richer, try their Korean Cheesecake.

Special thanks to their drink menu for having a tantalizing mix, something many places often don’t get right. With a mix of hot and cold drinks, my favorite has to be their Crème Brûlée bubble tea. If you’re a fan of bubble tea, look no further. Alternatively, they also have a variety of mojitos to choose from, should you wish to opt for something more refreshing. What else? During the holy month of Ramadan, be sure to take advantage of their special food deals, if you’re looking to dine with a large group as part of your festive celebrations.

TASTE (4.5/5): A perfect way to change up (and spice up) your dining experience. If you feel like trying new flavors or learning about K-food culture, this is the place.

ATMOSPHERE (4/5): A casual dining space, Kyochon at DCC is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day at work or wrap up your tedious shopping spree.

SERVICE (4.5/5): Friendly, warm and welcoming, the staff will ensure that you have the most enjoyable gastronomic stay in Kyochon.

PRESENTATION (4/5): Aesthetics without the fuss? I completely agree. With so much clutter on our feeds (and our minds), a simple and to-the-point presentation is the way to go.

QUALITY/PRICE RATIO (4.5/5): In for money. The dishes are very reasonably priced for the quantity and quality served.

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