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Restaurant Review: Kezban, Edinburgh | Scottish

Kezban, Commercial Street Edinburgh

The gatherings of the great and the good. Posers of style and doers ruminating on the big problems of the day in the lounges of the company’s hostesses while throwing wise words and witty good words.

I was thrown in there the other day, when Mr. Turner sighed and said how much he missed his old waterhole.

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Pubs and bars in our nation’s capital have been closed for some time now and, frankly, Mr. Turner is struggling to make a living.


Not that he stopped indulging or anything so drastic. (Jings, St. James’s Gate would now be derelict if that was the case)

But, when asked what exactly he missed, it would appear that – among other things – my cheerful repartee doesn’t quite live up to the bubbly joke one would find in his usual establishment.

I must have been busy those evenings when he would put on his velvet tuxedo jacket and take his cigarette holder with him to the pub to indulge in spiritual banter with his fellow drinkers.

And, despite eating some truly spectacular food during this lockdown period, he also confessed to missing his post digestive kebab.

Kezban, Edinburgh commercial street.

Yes, it seems that when you leave the glittering salon he claims to have frequented in Before Times, you love nothing more than a stuffed kebab, sometimes accompanied by chili sauce.

Well I’m open to most things – but I believe I’ve already stated my unshakeable belief that no sober person can actually eat a chip shop kebab – so I wasn’t keen on having any. one for my tea.

What I was happy to do was give Kezban a whirlwind. A Mediterranean restaurant in Leith where all the mezes are handmade and the meat is cooked fresh on a charcoal grill – rather than slowly turning on a roasting pan as the fat drips onto a platter.

to make it easier for you, Kezban has a selection of banquets – that should surely please my social butterfly.

Kezban, Edinburgh commercial street.

We started with the three hot mezes – Three decent sized pieces each of Hellim (grilled haloumi cheese) with a hint of the charcoal flavor, it’s no wonder that we Brits manage to eat more Halloumi than anywhere else in Cyprus when it also tastes good.

The Kalamar (squid rings) unfortunately did not travel very well. The dough was pasty and the calamari themselves were bland. The Sigara Boregi (Filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese and parsley) I don’t know if it was this deeply filled – but what was there was very tasty. The sharpness of the feta had a nice balance with the parsley.

We then moved on to the three cold mezes – three fairly large jars of dips.

Ezme (Chopped Cucumber, Parsley, Onion, Tomato, Roasted Pepper, Garlic, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice And Pomegranate Syrup). while the pomegranate added a nice jewel tone to the dip, it was actually a bit gray and dark, with nothing really hitting me I’m afraid.

Cacik (Chopped cucumber with creamy Turkish yogurt, mint, olive oil and a hint of garlic) Think taziki or raitta, with a little Turkish spice.

Biber Ezme (Roasted peppers, mixed with celery, mint, parsley, carrots, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and a touch of garlic) which had a salsa-like effect Mexican, but sweeter.

All served with the most incredible hot Turkish bread. Which was sort of iced focaccia, and we would have gladly laughed at it a little more. although it could prove to be a blessing as we still had the main part of our feast to do.

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Never underestimate the power of a properly used charcoal barbecue. forget your summer barbecues where all the chicken was charred on the outside and raw in the middle. Every piece of this meat was cooked to perfection – with a fabulous crispy exterior – but each managed to taste different.

The main part of our banquet was a huge platter of mixed grills from Adana, -Like a big lamb shish kebab – with onion, parsley and chili flakes.

There was Sister lamb – pieces of lamb that have been skewered and put on the grill and simply cooked. Lamb chops, which were generous and tasty with Lamb chops, which – as long as you’re good at sucking bones – tasted delicious.

Sister hen and Chicken wings finished the grill feast. Both were well done and lick each other’s fingers well. Everything came in a large container, sitting on a bed of Onion flavored rice, – in the same way salad.

It was also good that we didn’t choose to add any of the desserts (Baklava, Turkish Delight or honey with yogurt) as I was well and truly drunk at this point.

In truth, it was exactly the kind of rash you would expect to have on vacation. Simple, tasty and satisfying. A truly generous offer with excellent value for money. forget about spiritual gatherings – all I needed now was a lounge chair to doze off in the afternoon. If anyone attempted to indulge in the fun, they would encounter nothing more than a slight snoring. How terribly spiritual….

Banquet set for two … 54 €

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