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Restaurant restaurant review: The Quarter Acre Hotel serves perhaps one of the best chicken cuts in Perth

Few things remind you that you are more than 30 years older than your culinary preferences.

You will always opt for the first sessions, you will find the nearest place to park before leaving and if there is a queue, you do not waste time looking for the restaurants closest to the region.

Camera iconQuarter acre hotel. Credit: Jade Jurewicz

Top of the list is also the noise factor. Suddenly you are aware of good acoustics and the art of being able to hear both music and conversation from your table.

Herbed ricotta honey whipped with pomegranate, pistachios, lavosh and focaccia ($14).
Camera iconHerbed ricotta honey whipped with pomegranate, pistachios, lavosh and focaccia ($14). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

The noise, however. There was a DJ playing music to get the mood going before Monday returned, but my goodness it was loud the day we left. We almost had to shout to have a conversation and there are loudspeakers scattered everywhere so there was no escaping the summer rhythms of the house.

Despite this, we had the kind of experience you’d expect from your local pub – friendly, prompt and generous.

The classic Quarter Acre Hotel chicken parmigiana ($28).
Camera iconThe classic Quarter Acre Hotel chicken parmigiana ($28). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

To start, we had the whipped herb ricotta honey with pomegranate, pistachios, lavosh and focaccia ($14), which was a great alternative to burrata or stracciatella on most Perth menus. It was delicious stacked on toast, but I would have liked a little more honey to enhance the creaminess for more than one serving.

For mains, we had the Sunday pub classics – chicken parmigiana ($28) and crispy skinned barramundi ($32).

The Crispy Skin Barramundi ($32).
Camera iconThe Crispy Skin Barramundi ($32). Credit: Jade Jurewicz

The parmi was massive and gooey with cheese and ham with lots of fries plus a salad of pickled fennel, orange and sunflower seeds to make you feel a bit healthy, while the barra delivered on crispy skin with well-done fish sitting on a large bed of chorizo, cat potatoes and brocollini.

Both were the kind of well done filler dishes that you would come back to time and time again. Coupled with a good wine and beer list and more dishes I’d like to try, this old whiner will be back.

Hotel Quarter Acre

Address: 767 Canning Hwy, Applecross

The verdict: The kind of neighborhood pub you would like in your area. Easy menu, friendly staff and colorful atmosphere.

Rating: 7.5/10

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