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The 2022 Science Festival, a Flagstaff tradition since 1990, kicks off Friday, September 23, bringing more than 100 free, family-friendly events to the community, many of which highlight North East University faculty and staff. Arizona as presenters, speakers and hosts.

This year’s theme is Pyramids to The Peaks, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about ancient cultures, the Colorado Plateau environment, wildlife, astronomy and biology as well as many topics to the intersection of science and the arts. The festival features a wide variety of presentations, hands-on workshops, interactive talks, class discussions, and guided tours led by outstanding Northern Arizona experts.

Leading Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, who will present WL Gore & Associates’ keynote presentation, “Mummies, Monuments and Mysteries,” at NAU’s Ardrey Auditorium, expands the festival’s expertise to include a global perspective. Hawass, who appears frequently on the Discovery Channel and PBS, will share his passion for archaeological discovery in the fascinating world of Egyptian pharaohs and gods.

Known locally as “The 10 Best Days of the Year”, the Science Festival continues to be a signature event for the Flagstaff community, with NAU playing a key role in the festival’s success. Through the active participation of NAU scientists, artists, and educators, as well as a strong sponsorship commitment, the university supports the Flagstaff community through the festival in several ways, including traditional ballet on the science theme presented by NAU’s Community Music and Dance Academy just before the main presentation. This year, the “Pyrouettes” ballet highlights a collection of dances inspired by Egyptian archaeology, the desert and ancient Egypt performed to traditional and contemporary music from the region.

NAU Research Spotlight Lecture Series Features Professor Kevin Gurney presenting “Climate Change Data from Building to Planet”, Regents Professor Ted Schuur discuss “How a Warming Arctic Affects the Climate and You » and associate professor Jeff Foster delivering “Bacterial Hitchhikers: How Global Migration Spreads Infectious Disease Through Livestock”. Conferences are an important way for NAU to showcase the university’s scientific excellence within the local community; past lecturers have included adjunct professors Emily Cope, Jason Ladner and Noami Lee, associate professors O’neil Guthrie and Gerrick Lindberg, and teacher Egbert Schwartz.

A variety of other presentations and workshops are also led by NAU experts, including:

  • Analyst Nicole Bies-Hernandez: “Sensory Illusions and the Science Behind Them”
  • Alum Daniel Foley: “Geological tour of the city center ”
  • Professor Emeritus David Koerner:The evolutionary link between music and science »
  • Associate professor and chef Marc Molinaro: “Food science and sensory analysis”
  • assistant professor Katie Mommaerts“No more silence! What teens tell us about their mental health needs »
  • Teacher Donna Shillington: “Understanding the largest earthquakes on Earth through underwater imagery”
  • assistant professor David Van Ness: “Finding the human in digital fabrication through self-portraits”
  • assistant professor jennifer wade: “Accelerating the elimination of carbon dioxide: in a safe, equitable and economic way”
  • Several NAU experts, including Professor Jaime Aweregents teacher Pierre Fulé and director Amy Waltzalso lead or participate in roundtables: “Ethics of Archaeology” and “Wildfire Risk Reduction Challenges and Solutions for the Greater Flagstaff Region”
  • The Cline Library and MakerLab staff organize several workshops: “Journey to Giza: VR Tours of the Egyptian Pyramids”, “Kitchen Chemistry: Homemade, Sustainable, Money-saving Products” and “All about 3D printing”
  • The NAU Campus Observatory hosts several skywatching events throughout the festival.

“We can’t thank NAU enough for their support,” said Virginia Watahomigie, chair of the festival’s board of directors. “Through his sponsorship and the active participation of his faculty and staff, we have a wealth of resources that help pave the way for a completely free festival with over 100 events that welcome everyone in our community. .”

Celebrate Pyramids to The Peaks through these events featuring NAU experts and taking advantage of the wide variety of opportunities provided by community partners. For more information, visit the Flagstaff Festival of Science website and get full access Event calendar.

Launch of the new festival app for 2022

New this year, the festival has launched an application designed to offer festival-goers a fun and practical way to discover all the wonders of science that await them. Attendees can download the app from the iPhone App Store or from Google Play by searching for “Flagstaff Festival of Science”.

Photo credit: Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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