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The company behind Pickup time (opens in a new tab) is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA. It was founded in 2018 as an alternative appointment scheduling solution for businesses in an already crowded market. So far, it has attracted over 1 million users from over 100 countries.

Picktime: plans and prices

The application has three plans; Free, Starter and Pro. As the name suggests, the free plan requires no payment. With it, your business can arrange unlimited appointments on a single online booking page. However, it has many limitations compared to paid plans, for example, no SMS notifications/reminders and limited to three users within an organization.

The Starter plan costs $9.99 per month or a reduced annual payment of $99.90. This plan unlocks more advanced features like sending SMS reminders, recurring bookings, and merging contacts. But, it is limited to three users, just like the free plan.

Pro is the most advanced plan, costing $19.99 per month or a reduced annual payment of $199.90. It has the most advanced features, such as customizable emails, multilingual support, and over 100 integrations. It supports a base of 20 users and requires an additional payment of $10 per month for 10 additional users.

We consider Picktime to be a cost-effective solution because it bundles multiple users into one monthly plan. In contrast, many competing apps charge for each user, which can be costly for businesses with many employees. (opens in a new tab).

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Pickup time: features

You can create a Picktime account using a valid email address or your existing Facebook or Google accounts. After signing up, you can access many useful features including;

This is the main functionality of Picktime. You can create a single booking website for your business that customers can visit and schedule appointments. The platform assigns a unique booking website URL to your business attached to the domain name. You can customize this link using your business name, i.e.

The platform allows businesses to customize their booking site to a great extent. For example, you can create a personalized welcome message for each visitor. You can choose the time format (12 or 24 hours) and a unique slot duration for each appointment. You can also customize the form fields to determine the type of information you will receive from customers.

For search engine optimization (SEO) (opens in a new tab) purposes, you can choose a custom meta description and title for your bookings page. You can also select a unique banner image for the booking site. All of these customization options help your business booking page stand out from the competition. However, you cannot modify the underlying templates and page layout, which we consider a drawback.

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Website widget

You can embed the Picktime booking widget on your company website (opens in a new tab) (with a custom domain) instead of using the domain name. This way, your customers can make an appointment on the domain name they already know.

If you need payments from your customers before they can schedule appointments, Picktime is an ideal platform for you. Thanks to its integration with two well-known payment processors, PayPal (opens in a new tab) and stripes (opens in a new tab)you can receive payments on your booking site.

The app allows you to send automated reminders and notifications via email or SMS to avoid no-shows or missed appointments for your clients.

You can generate regular reports regarding all your business activities facilitated by the Picktime application. These reports can help you identify strengths/weaknesses and improve your customer service.

Picktime: Interface and use

You can access Picktime via the web interface or the mobile app (iOS or Android). The platform has a neat interface that makes it easy to navigate. We didn’t encounter any significant difficulties while testing the functionality of the app.

Pick-up time: assistance

You can access direct customer support via a live chat button in the Picktime dashboard. We noticed three customer support staff on standby to answer user questions. Otherwise, you can check out the official help page with answers to frequently asked questions and detailed user guides. For unclear reasons, this page was down when we tried to access it.

Picktime: the competition

Picktime’s main competitors are Appointly (opens in a new tab)Zoho Reservations (opens in a new tab)and Appointlet (opens in a new tab). The main advantage of the platform over these competitors is its profitability.

Picktime: Final Verdict

We consider Picktime to be an excellent platform for businesses to schedule appointments and manage reservations. It is economical, easy to use and offers a full set of features. But it’s not without its flaws, like having limited customization options and a no-refund policy.

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