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While searching for something personal, I came across an amazing website for kids. At first the site looked basic, but as I explored it I was surprised to find heaps and heaps of interesting content. Yes, surprised me with its unique and amazing material for children.

Hellokids is a dream for every child, as it offers a variety of content depending on the interests of each. The site does not require registration and has no ads. You will find the main menu with small icons at the top center of the home page with sections that include “Coloring pages”, “Drawing for kids”, “Crafts and activities”, “Free online games”, “Reading and learning” and “Film and tutorial”. While the titles are self-explanatory, you’ll find abundant treasure in each section.

I was taken aback when I clicked on the “Reading and Learning” section. There was tons of information in the category. You can read stories, do fun activities, read short biographies of famous people, read stories, jokes, riddles and many other interesting content.

Likewise, the “Movie & Tutorials” section is great for all the kids who like to make short videos and also want to know some new tips and techniques for making a video.

One of the most interesting things for me was “the history of paper”. Paper story is a series of short stop-motion videos for kids made by the site itself, using coloring pages that you can find on the site. In each video, you will see and make believe the cute characters in action and learn to let your imagination and creativity run wild.

The site is not limited to learning drawings and reading stories, as you scroll down the page you will see even more things like making crafts, reading material about popular music artists, learning musical instruments and do easy science experiments.

Still, the site doesn’t stop there, you can check out magic tricks, movie reviews, your cartoon, artist, singer, actor, and more. They want.

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