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Niles to Review Board Member Term Lengths | News, Sports, Jobs

NILES — City Council has approved that Chief Legal Officer Philip Zuzolo review and research the metrics of City Council members serving the same four-year terms as the mayor.

First Ward Councilor Doug Sollitto said council members now serve two-year terms.

“You get elected one year, then the next year you get out of petitions because of the primary election. The council would not make the decision, but would approve placing it on the ballot to let the citizens decide,” he said.

Officials said last week they would discuss the matter after hearing from Zuzolo about what it would entail to move from a two-year to four-year council term, and whether it’s even possible.

“We want citizens to decide whether they want the council to sit for two years or four years. We will get information about the pros and cons of both,” said Sollitto.

Zuzolo will consider ideas of staggering council terms or making them the same as the mayor’s four-year term.

He said after a review, the council could decide to put the issue to the ballot in the general election in November.

In other business, the council has a position available in the Mahoning Valley Health District that pays between $100 and $200 per month. The current representative is Rich Hale.

Sollitto, chairman of the MVSD committee, said the application for the position will be posted on the city’s website.

Council also approved a motion that if a member of council accrues fees regarding residency requirements to serve on council, that person will be responsible for the costs themselves and not use city money to pay a lawyer.

The issue became an issue when the residency of a former council member came into question.

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