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Mesothelioma victim dies after testifying against J&J bankruptcy maneuver

Published on March 02, 2022

As the public waits for a decision on whether Johnson & Johnson will be allowed to continue with its controversial bankruptcy maneuver, those most affected by their decision continue to suffer the ravages of malignant mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. One such victim died earlier this month, just weeks after testifying about her use of the company’s powdered baby product and her belief that it had been the cause of her illness.

Mesothelioma claims the life of a healthcare worker

A few weeks before his February 6and After his death, Vincent Hill provided compelling testimony to US Bankruptcy Judge Michael Kaplan about his diagnosis of mesothelioma and the role he believed Johnson & Johnson baby powder had played in his illness. He explained that as part of his responsibilities at Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, Calif., he sprinkled the product on patients’ bed linens to make them feel comfortable after their baths. In doing so, he inhaled the asbestos-contaminated powder daily.

Although Judge Kaplan understood that Mr Hill was in his final days and the importance of moving forward with his mesothelioma trial, he explained that his hands were tied. He said the case should be postponed until a New Jersey court can rule on the legality of the company’s Chapter 11 filing through a strategy known as Texas Two Step. , which placed all of the company’s asbestos responsibilities in a new subsidiary which subsequently filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

Johnson & Johnson denies responsibility for Mr Hill’s death

Although Vincent Hill was convinced of the role of the talc product in his mesothelioma, lawyers for Johnson & Johnson pointed to details in his medical records which they say contradict his claims. They cited his history of smoking, as well as his potential exposure to asbestos during the years he worked in construction.

Like many other mesothelioma victims, Mr Hill had hoped for compensation from the corporate giant for their negligence. He had wanted the chance to speak for himself in court, and when he appeared before Judge Kaplan he said: “It is very important that I have the chance to tell my story. Although his family can continue his case, he no longer has the ability to speak for himself.

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Written by Terri Oppenheimer

Terri HeimannOppenheimer
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