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Hotel Reviews: Hyatt Place Yerevan (Armenia)

For our recent visit to Armenia, we stayed at the Hyatt Place Yerevan. It was a surprise in many ways.

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Just inside an arch of Republic Square, Hyatt Place is truly in the heart of Yerevan. Its location set back from the square helps keep the noise and lights of the busy square at bay, yet still offers the most central location possible.

Address: 26, 1 Vazgen Sargsyan str., Yerevan 0010, Armenia

Call: +374 1122 1234

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia arcade at Hyatt

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia archway day


The hotel offers a variety of amenities, including a business center and fitness center, but during our stay we walked enough miles into the city (as walkable as any city from Europe) that it was not a place we visited. Unlike most other Hyatt Place hotels we’ve visited, this one is built in a mid-rise high-rise as opposed to freestanding outside of downtown.

The hotel offers free parking and smoking and non-smoking rooms.


The lobby spans three sides across from the elevators and the restaurant. At one end, the business center has a number of printers and several desktop computers, mostly used for printing boarding passes. The lobby was always well used by hotel guests and visitors or for meetings.

Hall of the Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia

Bar and Restaurant

The bar was quite large (baked goods and takeaways were available across the street) and very busy most days. Some smokers were in the lobby, but that’s true for pretty much everywhere in Armenia, not just this hotel bar.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia bar

This is one of the only Hyatt Places in the world (perhaps the only one) with an actual chef working in-house. I was shocked. More on that shortly, but to say the least, genuine Armenian cuisine was available.

Staff and service

The staff during our stay were always ready to help even in the area where it was not possible to help. Despite the lack of a concierge, they made dinner reservations for us, had an extra bed made for our daughter before we arrived. Several members of the staff were really lovely, personalized our stay and went out of their way to give us directions or make a suggestion to improve our stay.

We visited during COVID and the staff were able to print multiple copies of all of our travel declarations prior to our return trip. This is something we could have done ourselves, but they were happy to help and placed each in an envelope for our convenience.

Globalist perks

The property did not have an upgrade suite but we were given a corner room on a non-smoking floor which had plenty of space. This helped especially with our excessive luggage for our long stay. The hotel welcomed us with a cheese plate, fresh honey and nuts with a small bottle of wine.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia welcome amenities


Without a doubt, this is the most impressive free breakfast I have ever seen at a Hyatt Place. The aforementioned chef was so genuinely proud of his food and spoke enough English (I don’t speak Armenian) to pass on one of his favorite dishes that we really had to try. The spread was set for a small army with a huge spread of deli meats, a number of hot and cold dishes, baked goods as well as fresh juices. I was shocked to see the staff adding new items five minutes from the end with only four of us in the dining room.

Many mornings the restaurant was so busy that it could be difficult to get a table and overturned seats in the lobby.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia breakfast deli baked goods

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia egg options for breakfast

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia breakfast soup and rice

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia hot food breakfast

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia breakfast pancake with meat


When we got to our room there was a mirrored wardrobe opposite the bathroom doors. The room was much larger than most Hyatt Place rooms but was what we expected in decor and layout. There is usually a small partition between the sofa (transformed into a bed for our visit) and the bed, but it was not present in this one.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Room

One complaint was that the heater in the room (we visited in January) was just too hot. The thermostat said it was 72 (Fahrenheit) but we could only control the fan speed. One night, despite sleeping with the window open (it was very cold or below most nights), it was warm enough to wake me from my sleep. Once we called they were able to lower the temperature, but guests may note that neither the air conditioning nor the heat are controlled in the room. Friendly staff and quick service aside, a simple note to contact reception to change the temperature would have saved us a few days of uncomfortable temperatures.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia dresser TV


The bathroom was one of the most impressive Hyatt Place bathrooms I have seen and put some full service hotels to shame. The shower was large and bathrobes were waiting for us in the bathroom.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia bathroom with bathrobes

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia bathroom shower

the Internet

Although most aspects of our stay were wonderful, we had an issue with the internet throughout our visit. When it was up and running, the speeds were very fast and we could download, stream and operate online just like we would anywhere else. However, a constant connection was part of the problem. The main Wi-Fi network was dropping from time to time, which left some devices having trouble reconnecting.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Internet Height

Due to their gateway, I was losing internet in the middle of the night and had to reconnect every day. Frankly, there were several times when speeds were kept at 0.20/mbps, which caused me to switch to my wireless plan. Sometimes this happened without my realizing it and I paid over $60 for extra download capacity to my wireless provider due to internet interruptions when the wifi went away.

I notified My Hyatt Concierge who handled it with the hotel on my behalf. The property really went out of their way to try to resolve the issue, even going so far as to install our own router in our room. Unfortunately, this did not help us overcome the situation as it was not a signal strength issue, but rather the consistency and speed of the internet entering the hotel. I have never, ever seen a hotel move a router to my room to improve the signal, so while it would be irresponsible not to mention the issue, the hotel staff did literally everything in their power power to improve the situation and that’s all I could really ask for and more.

Hyatt Place Yerevan Armenia our own router


Armenia is generally very affordable for European and North American visitors, so value should be measured against other hotels in the region. The Hyatt Place is rightly in the lower third of the Yerevan city hotel rate structure, averaging around 70-80 USD/night (USD). For centrally located hotels, this is one of the most affordable values ​​available, especially for those who would take advantage of included amenities like free breakfast.

As a Category 1 hotel (5,000 points per night), the hotel is good value in the World of Hyatt program and on what is expected compared to the cash price per night. We were able to stay for an extended period on points which helped us rack up critical status nights for the year and accrue valuable bonuses which further reduced our costs.

What do you think? Have you stayed at Hyatt Place Yerevan? How was your experience?

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