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Hotel Review: Wrea Head Hall, Scarborough

6:00 p.m. February 2, 2022

Less than five miles from Scarborough Beach is the Wrea Head Hall Hotel, a pocket of peace for the perfect stay.

As you pass through the village of Scalby, you don’t really expect to come across a gothic style mansion in a stretch of beautiful grounds. Yet opposite the village’s picturesque duck pond is the entrance to Wrea Head Hall. Walking up the scenic driveway, flanked by rolling fields and grazing farm animals, it’s easy to hum the opening to the Downton Abbey theme song.

Affectionately known by regulars as ‘that special place’, this luxurious country hotel prides itself on offering something a little different. It is independently owned by Dr Mark Giles and Gerry Aburrow who decided over a decade ago that it was time for a new venture. Having never worked in the hotel industry, they naturally chose to open a hotel.

Still, it’s clear from the thoughtful touches and sleek layout that the pair have traveled extensively and, more importantly, know what works. The large number of regular guests who have returned over the past ten years is a testament to the success of the place, but the couple pride themselves on moving with the times and always making subtle changes.

Built in 1881 by Mr John Edward Ellis MP and his wife Maria Rowntree of the famous confectionery family, Mark and Gerry acquired Wrea Head Hall in March 2012, working hard to lovingly restore it to its former glory. While preserving the house’s original features such as gargoyles, stained glass and paneled walls, the pair have added personality by including their own unique art collection and bringing in pieces that complement the character of Wrea Head Hall. . Thanks to this, they have created an elegant and charming place, a place where you can’t wait to come back again and again.

This is exactly the ethos of the place: customers are invited to leave their worries at the foot of the aisle and completely disconnect from the outside world. To create an environment of calm and relaxation, the hotel is a child-free and dog-free sanctuary to ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted stay.

Hide in the veranda or find a secluded spot in the garden where you can simply spend the day surrounded by the beauty of the gardens. Although the hotel is perfectly located for easy access to Scarborough, Whitby or Filey, many guests choose to simply take advantage of what the hotel has to offer. It’s a place where you feel at home, where the staff are more like old friends and the owners often tend to the grounds. That’s what makes it so special, just like the dining experience.

Breakfast is best enjoyed in the original oak paneled dining room where you can take in views of the national park and possibly spot a stag frolicking on the lawn while you sample a pair of perfectly poached eggs.

In the evening, browse the extensive wine list in the contemporary bar before sitting in the library with its crackling fire and crystal chandeliers. The varied menu offers local dishes and hearty Yorkshire-sized portions.

Snuggle up with a warm brandy in one of the lounge chairs before bed. With each room having its own personality and special features, you’re bound to find something to suit you. Whether you’re looking for a four-poster bed, a freestanding freestanding bath in the bedroom, or stunning countryside views, you’ll find a room to suit you.

Rooms in the main house tend to be more traditional, while the recently refurbished Carriage House offers a selection of modernized suites, deluxe and superior rooms. With ambitious plans for more rooms, a spa, a pool room and an additional restaurant, we are excited to see the future of Wrea Head Hall.

Pass the time at Wrea Head Hall

To take a walk
With 15 acres of grounds and access to the North York Moors National Park via one of the hotel’s fields, there’s plenty of space to stretch your legs and take in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

play croquet
During the summer months, croquet is set up on the lawn for guests to enjoy a game or two. Then recharge your batteries with an afternoon tea on the veranda.

Cycle the cinder track
Walk down the driveway to access the Cinder Track, a popular cycle route through the North York Moors National Park from Scarborough to Whitby.

Meet the neighbors
Listen to the crickets chirp, spot the deer playing or feed the ducks at the pond – there is a variety of wildlife in the park.

Watch the sunset
Sit on the terrace with a cocktail in hand as you watch the sun set for the day, while admiring the view of Scarborough Castle.

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Snuggle up in a sleigh bed in Room 36 of the Carriage House Suite
– Credit: Wrea Head Hall

Wrea Head Hall Hotel and grounds

Take a walk in the beautiful park
– Credit: Wrea Head Hall

a trio of desserts

Dive into delicious desserts
– Credit: Wrea Head Hall

shed door

Enter the shed
– Credit: Beth Windsor

gateway to the fields

Wrea Head Hall – the gateway to the North York Moors National Park
– Credit: Beth Windsor

four poster bed

Sink into a four-poster bed in Carriage House Room 31
– Credit: Beth Windsor

a breakfast of royal eggs

Savor a traditional Yorkshire breakfast
– Credit: Richard Wood

view of the countryside from a terrace

Enjoy stunning views from the terrace
– Credit: Beth Windsor

long driveway and view of the Wrea Head Hall Hotel

See Wrea Head Hall from the wide driveway
– Credit: Beth Windsor

    bubble bath and glass of champagne

Sip champagne in a roll-top tub
– Credit: Beth Windsor

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