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Hotel Review: La Valise, Tulum, Mexico

From the moment you pull away from the busy beach road of Tulum into the verdant paradise that is La Valise, calm reigns. It’s a quiet retreat away from the world, it’s beautiful – hit it – it’s stunning, with traditional palapa-style roofs rising out of an oasis of greenery, and locally handcrafted furniture and artwork adding elegant finishing touches to the surroundings of the hotel.

From the puffs of Copal incense scenting the air to the beachside view of the sunset over the sea, this is a place for travelers who like their R&R perfectly in tune with the rhythms of nature.

La Valise, Tulum, Mexico review


Firmly putting the B in the boutique, La Valise offers eleven incredibly tidy and rustic rooms. A romantic four-poster bed filters the morning light through wide expanses of muslin and an outdoor shower offers a taste of Island Paradise.

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All products are natural and in refillable bottles and while all modern comforts (air conditioning and wifi) are offered, there is no white noise, just the breeze and the ocean. The jewel in La Valise’s crown is their ocean-view master suite, where a gorgeous king-sized bed can be rolled out to the deck for you to bask under the stars or watch the sunrise and sunset. . Honeymoon paradise.


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Breakfast is included and can be taken on your veranda or at the beach side restaurant. Either way, it’s a delicious and healthy treat. Smoothies, avocado on toast, and fresh fruit are favorites and you leave the table feeling hungry or overeating.

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For dinner, you can literally cross the road to NÜ Tulum, which has partnered with the hotel and offers a mix of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine, all prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Loved the jungle setting, low light, good music and awesome plant based food offerings.


A massage by the beach was a highlight for me, the therapist focused on areas of tension and diligently worked her magic, soothing and easing any stress.

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Yoga classes, cocoa ceremonies, and other spiritual activities are offered to guests, but for my money, just languishing on the beach beds, watching the world (and the very posh hawkers selling their wares) go by, I fully charged my batteries.


If you want to experience the nightlife on offer, simply step out onto the beach road and visit the plethora of bars, restaurants and clubs that reside there. The shopping is extensive too – not cheap – but I came away with a few new dresses and resisted some pretty wonderful jewelry.

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For a more cultural approach to the area, you can head to Sian Ka’an Biosphere (a short day trip) or head to the famous local Mayan ruins. I love the roadside stalls and the authentic Mexican treasures you’ll find there.


If you’re looking for the perfect romantic break – honeymoon or just a love-in – look no further, or if you’re really tired from the daily grind, La Valise will have you back to your former glory in no time.

Go to Prices start at £350 per night.

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