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Hotel review: Inspector calls the Globe in Warwick – and isn’t impressed

The inspector calls The Globe in Warwick and is baffled by the frosted windows in his room, says the bathroom reminds him of a train toilet and slates the ‘rubbery and tasteless’ food

  • The Globe is a restaurant and hotel just off Warwick’s impressive main square
  • Inspector was disappointed with room and food – gave it one star
  • Remember… The Inspector pays his way – and tells it like it is…

At least she was frank. “None of the rooms have a view or anything,” said the woman who showed me my “superior” room on the first floor of The Globe Inn, Restaurant and Hotel, right next to the impressive main square in Warwick.

Even so, I didn’t really expect the windows to be frosted.

The narrow, chipped, cell-like door was also a surprise, and the tiny closet in one bathroom was particularly daunting, with its tiny shower cubicle and tiny square sink behind the door that reminded me of those in the InterCity 125 trains from 20 years ago.

The Globe is part of the Oakman Inns group, which is “dedicated to restoring old buildings”

One of the walls was streaked with water stains, which at first seemed to me like some sort of artistic element.

The room itself was long and narrow, with a comfortable bed at one end. Ideally, once trade resumes, there will be money in the kitty to replace the frayed grey/brown carpet and add a few touches to add charm to the whole confection.

The Globe is part of the Oakman Inns group, which is dedicated to restoring old buildings. It’s a job half done here, as the ground floor works well with various stalls and a tented outdoor area with picnic tables for al fresco dining and drinking.

The Globe is located just off Warwick's impressive main square in Theater Street

The Globe is located just off Warwick’s impressive main square in Theater Street


The Globe, 10 Theater St, Warwick, CV3 44D. Double Bed and Breakfast from £109. For more information call 01926 479100 or visit


I should have kept it simple and ordered a pizza, but opted for a mozzarella bruschetta followed by a bacon and cheese burger. The mozzarella was chewy, almost frozen and tasteless; the overdone burger (come to think of it, it wasn’t about “how would you like your burger cooked?”) and dry.

I managed to open one of the frosted windows a few inches before settling in for the night.

Things would get better in the morning, I told myself, and they did a bit, as the chef went about his business in the open kitchen, providing a variety of breakfast staples, even though I was surprised there was no yogurt of any kind or fresh fruit.

When checking out I was asked if the stay had been ‘pleasant’. Rather than lie, I asked about frosted windows.

“They give the guests in that room more privacy,” he said.

” Enough to ? ” I was wondering.


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