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Hotel Review: Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl District

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While traveling in Dubai, a long layover gave me the opportunity to try Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl District and like other Hyatt properties in Dubai, wow did it impress!

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Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Lobby

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Lobby and Reception

A modern interior complemented the exterior of the beautiful arabesque limestone building. I appreciated the finer touches along the aisle like simple but beautiful lanterns.


For my purposes, proximity to Dubai International Airport was key, and the property is only a 15-minute drive away (although longer if arriving or departing from Terminal 2 due to airport traffic.) I reviewed a Hyatt Place which is closer to the airport however, this location is closer to attractions like the Dubai Mall, Union metro station and the coastal area of ​​the city.

Address: Wasl District – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 4 401 1234

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Among the hotel’s many perks, the property hosts a number of full-service amenities that aren’t typically outfitted in a select service chain. The fitness center was well attended most days (I took a rare intermission) and had plenty of equipment for a variety of workout regiments.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Gym

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Fitness Center

An outdoor pool was available. I tried my best to use it, but a storm came through and abruptly ended my visit. Although small, a lifeguard was on duty at all times, seating included booths, and there was service (food and drink) for those interested. It also offered a unique view of surrounding Dubai and the apartment suites throughout the rest of the hotel (pictured below).

Hyatt Place Dubai Pool Wasl

Pool view of Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

Apartments Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

Benefits of World of Hyatt

Although my stay at Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl District was brief (only eight hours), the front desk upgraded me to a suite upon arrival due to my globalist status. However, this was not a last minute consideration on the brand’s part. In fact, upon arriving in my room, I found a hand-written welcome from the management team as well as sealed fruit and a selection of desserts from the on-site restaurant (more on that shortly.)

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl welcome gift

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Welcome Treats

I didn’t try them all, but the ones I did (chocolate cake, cupcake, layered dessert) were delicious and that’s why I made sure to try the restaurant later for a meal special.

Whether there’s a rating or not, when I find that a hotel not only honors its commitments to loyal guests, makes upgrades ahead of time, and has pending amenities, that’s a great customer service.


Like its sister property Hyatt Place, the Dubai Wasl District location divides the hotel into long-term apartment-style suites and standard hotel rooms. Mine was on the apartment side.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl 1119 Room Entrance

An often overlooked improvement in any hotel room is a functional balcony. It needed a chair and a table, but otherwise provided the security I’m looking for as a parent and the openness to really enjoy the city. During the evening call to prayer, I found it particularly impressive to observe from outside the walls of the hotel suite.

Wasl Suite Balcony at Hyatt Place Dubai

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl view from the balcony


As I entered the suite, a kitchen awaited me to my right and a guest bathroom to my left. The kitchen was bigger than some of my apartment kitchens when I lived in England. It featured a clever seating design that accommodated four people with a combination washer/dryer as well as a reasonably sized microwave, stove and refrigerator. The cupboards were stocked with cooking utensils that could help customers make just about any meal.

Hyatt Place Dubai Cuisine wasl

Kitchenware Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

Fridge Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

The open kitchen flowed into the living room.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl kitchen living room

Living room

The living room was spacious and had a TV, chair and wraparound sofa. The sofa could be converted into a bed for guests if required. The balcony was accessible here.

Hyatt Place Dubai Lounge Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl living room and kitchen

The lounge provided a launching pad from which customers can relax, meet and explore,


Stylishly designed, comfortable for my brief nap, and with all the practical necessities such as handy plugs (UK plug design), the room was a definite highlight. A wardrobe and drawers provided plenty of space for those settling in for a long visit, the TV was opposite the bed.


Immediately upon entering the suite, a guest bathroom is available on the left. This bathroom is really essential, especially for those who live and work on the property for a period of time. This allows guests of the staying guest to open up the hospitality of the room to visitors without allowing access to the guest’s private spaces in the room and beyond.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Guest Bathroom Vanity

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl guest bathroom

The master bathroom was very, very large for most hotels but for a Hyatt Place this was unheard of. Rain and wand showers in a space that allows guests to relax.

Main bathroom at Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

Main shower Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

To eat

Given the unusual time of my arrival (3 p.m.) and departure (midnight), I was aware that I would not have the opportunity to try the hotel’s free breakfast. Room service would also be limited after the last prayer of the day, as decreed by the Kingdom. However, I was lucky enough to experience Iftar, the meal following the day’s fast during Ramadan, and it was something I was so thankful for the chance to do.

The hotel offered a few western options (penne with cream) but these were uninspired. Of all the countless things I’ve tried (many of which were new to me for the very first time), I haven’t even tried the western options and the hotel might consider removing them altogether or improving them.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl west options

Soups, curries, rice and chicken were among the hot dishes and I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Hyatt Place Dubai Soups Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai Soup Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai Samoussa Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai Salad Wasl

Salad and vegetables Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

Chicken Quinoa Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai was inedible

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Hummus

Hyatt Place Dubai Food Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai Fish Wasl

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl curry and rice

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Chicken Rice

Separate from the hot and cold buffet was the dessert table. Separate from this, but in the same area, there was a meet and greet service.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl dates and tea

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl dessert

Wasl dessert table at Hyatt Place Dubai

I came down from my room about 20 minutes after the last prayer. A large group was leaving as I approached. Hotel restaurant staff had an insurmountable task of cleaning up after a group of over 100 guests broke their fast. On the contrary, I was a bit disappointed that these guests didn’t finish more off their plate or take less from the buffet.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl mess dining room

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl Hummus Plate

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl hot food


The Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl District offered me superior value at a great price. Whenever I write a hotel review, I try to consider both the experience of non-status people and those with hotel elite (World of Hyatt) status. I saw the cash price for this hotel as low as US$40 and as high as $95 during my search window. No extra charge for breakfast, great food (as long as the food is Middle Eastern) and all the amenities that make Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl District a great place to relax on your next stay in Dubai . The hotel was also offered for 5,000 World of Hyatt points or a certificate.

Without a doubt, this property should be paid for in cash, especially if the guest is a globalist with World of Hyatt. It is excellent value for money and when I return to Dubai I will absolutely consider this for my family.

What do you think? Have you stayed at this property? How was your experience?

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