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GoDaddy Website Builder Review – Forbes Advisor

There are many good reasons to go with GoDaddy, but like all platforms, GoDaddy also has its downsides. Before choosing a website builder, make sure you understand what it can and cannot do for you.

Limited design customization

The good news is that you have access to over 100 attractive website design templates with GoDaddy. The bad news is that these templates are relatively rigid and offer limited fonts and layout adjustment. This means that the GoDaddy website builder is not a great solution for those who prefer more control over website design.

No website transfer

You can create a WordPress website with GoDaddy hosting and transfer your site to another hosting provider. If you create your site with the GoDaddy Website Builder, you cannot move your site to another hosting service.

Limited app integrations

Most website builders integrate with hundreds or even thousands of apps, which allows a lot of freedom in terms of expanding website features and functionality. GoDaddy doesn’t have an app store, and a deep dive into its Help Center didn’t reveal what integrations are available. With fewer app integrations, your GoDaddy website might not be able to support the specialized features offered by other platforms.

SEO is limited

GoDaddy offers SEO Assistant on its top three paid plans. The wizard helps you with SEO by asking questions about who your customers/readers are, the geography you serve, and what your page is about. The tool then suggests keywords and walks you through creating optimized page titles, titles, and descriptions. These steps are useful in SEO, but barely touch the surface of full site optimization.

GoDaddy SEO Assistant can lead some, especially newbies, to a false sense of security that their sites are optimized. We recommend that you develop your SEO know-how without relying solely on GoDaddy, as no site builder will fully optimize your site for you.

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