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George Carvery and Hotel’s review: We tried the carvery which says it’s the best in all of Yorkshire – Jess Grieveson-Smith

The George Carvery and Hotel in Wormald Green, Harrogate has always made a bold statement.

They say they are the best carvery in Yorkshire and as Yorkshire has so many crazy carveries it left us wondering – can they really be the best?

Customers rave about the food with its TripAdvisor rating of four and a half stars.

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The service is rated second to none and the sauce would be to die for, as well as the giant Yorkshire puddings.

It seemed only right for Yorkshire Live to check and see what it was all about – and why that half star disappeared.

The George claims to be the best carvery in Yorkshire

I’ve always had fond memories of going to a rotisserie. My parents always took my grandparents and I every Sunday and be it childhood nostalgia, this specific, long-gone restaurant is etched in my memory as the best roast I’ve ever had.

As I went to review the George, I wondered if this cutout could really beat the nostalgic attraction and lead me to declare it the best.

With that in mind, I thought the best way to go about it was to make it a family affair.

After all, that’s how a carvery is supposed to be enjoyed – the options of meats and sides usually mean there’s something for everyone and no one’s complaining.

Upon arriving at the George, the building itself looked lovely.

It is well maintained and on a cold and drizzly Sunday in February the warm glow of the lights was enough to draw us in.

On entering it was immediately clear that the staff were relaxed and friendly, welcoming us and making sure we were seated at a table, chatting the whole time.

It was as if they knew us.

My parents, my fiancé and I put a table right next to the rotisserie itself so we could see what was on offer.

The ordering system is quite simple.

Given four tickets and told to just go up when we were ready, it was nice and relaxed.

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Talking to the staff they told us that it had been a busy day but calmer than usual thanks to the weather.

But while they thought it was quiet, the tables were still full with many diners.

We waited for the queue to decrease which didn’t take long at all and headed up.

There were lots of choices – beef, pork, turkey, sausages, chicken in pepper sauce and cod in parsley sauce.

Troubled by the choice, I opted for the turkey, while my parents opted for the beef and my fiancé opted for the chicken.

If I had known how good the chicken in pepper sauce was, I definitely would have chosen it.

George's dessert selection was awesome
George’s dessert selection was awesome

With lots of sauce and a whole chicken breast given as a portion, it was amazing.

But the turkey was just as tasty, tender, with no fatty bits.

While the beef had a little fat, that’s to be expected from the meat, and it was still easy to separate.

The Yorkshire puddings were also massive and crispy and the roast potatoes chewy.

Before even looking at the sides, my plate was full.

Customers were able to help themselves to an array of vegetables from roasted carrots and parsnips to broccoli, peas and green beans.

There was also mashed potatoes as well as a whole tub of gravy – the gravy was something else.

Thick and rich in flavor and thick, it was perfect for a roast turkey.

While we were actually full, we couldn’t resist trying some of the puddings which were just as good.

So, as we enjoyed a fantastic and wholesome meal, we discussed what gave the George that edge over others.

We quickly came to the conclusion that it must have been the staff.

The food was magnificent but so are many others.

But the staff make The George stand out.

The George was warm and inviting
The George was warm and inviting

The chef himself came over to ask how we were doing and the waiters also stopped to check in.

They were open and friendly and when asked “what’s next in the program” we had no choice but to say we were going to have to go home, we had eaten so much.

On leaving we were told ‘as long as you’re happy we’re happy’ and it’s that relaxed and welcoming attitude that would make me want to go back – if not the giant Yorkshire puddings.

Not sure where they dropped a half star on TripAdvisor as far as I was concerned it was a five star meal.

The law project

  • 4 X adult grills: £47.50
  • (1X adult roast: £11.95)
  • 1X Diet Coke: £2.70
  • 1X large Diet Coke: £3.80
  • 1X coffee: £2
  • 1x Poretti lager beer: £4.60
  • 1X half Carlsberg: £1.95
  • 1X Sticky Caramel Pudding: £4.75
  • 1X brownies: £4.75
  • 1X cheesecake: £4.75
  • TOTAL: £77.10

The George Carvery and Hotel

Open Thursday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. then from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

To book, call 01765 676700.

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