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Four Seasons Westlake Village Los Angeles

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My 10th wedding anniversary was this summer, and my husband and I have long considered a trip to French Polynesia, where we spent our honeymoon, to celebrate. Of course, we hadn’t factored in a global pandemic, which quickly wiped out those distant vacation plans.

During COVID-19, my husband and I held to conservative standards of behavior. The only time we left our home in Los Angeles County since March was for a long weekend at an Airbnb in Palm Springs, where we didn’t leave the vacation rental the entire time, at except for shopping, and we didn’t make any stops along the way.

At this point, we considered local hotels to be off limits. So, I assumed we would be sitting at home dreaming about paradise watching Moana for the umpteenth time with my kids.

But a few days before the occasion, I just couldn’t take the thought. I decided to plan something with clear priorities and boundaries: I wanted to travel to a hotel that inspired serious confidence in COVID protocols, that was far from home, and that would offer high-end luxury like endless cooking break, cleaning up and picking up stuff for my kids.

Santa Barbara looked promising, but the five-star hotels there started out at well over $ 1,000 a night. Instead, we picked the Four Seasons Westlake Village near Calabasas (commonly known as where the Kardashians own a lot of real estate), with published rates starting at around $ 395 for a standard room in the low season.

Under normal circumstances, this hotel has broad appeal and caters to families, couples, girl travelers, and business travelers. It’s also popular with locals for its spa, and the vibe is overall sophisticated, but accessible – not too stuffy, not too expensive. During the pandemic, the crowd was similar, although there were visibly fewer guests as the hotel imposed limited capacity.

While I was initially hesitant to stay in a large traditional hotel, I quickly relaxed knowing that we had booked a Four Seasons hotel. I am a deeply devoted fan of the brand and it has earned my trust around the world for its consistency, luxury and impeccable service. It was exactly what we needed for our first hotel stay, and I have a hunch that we will be back, pandemic or not. We ended up feeling so comfortable that we added a second night to our stay, on the fly.

And, if you’re wondering if traveling is safe, be sure to read what the experts have told me about staying in hotels right now, and the extra precautions you should take. It’s also a good idea to learn about cleaning policies promoted by major hotel brands.

Finally, it is important to remember that without a vaccine, there is no firm guarantee of safety. It is crucial to follow the guidelines and advice of organizations such as the CDC and WHO, and to practice safety measures, including wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distancing. Also, consider your own level of risk and whether you are traveling to or from a hotspot, so as not to increase the rate of infection.

Read on to see why the Four Seasons Westlake Village is a luxurious local getaway during COVID-19.

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