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Everything in Review Norwich Waterfront April 2022

11:13 am 16 April 2022

There is something haunting and beautiful about Everything Everything and their music.

From soulful lyrics with simple yet effective synths to frontman Jonathan Higgs’ unique falsetto, there’s a lot that sets them apart from other bands of the moment.

And that was only amplified by seeing them live.

Playing Norwich seafront, the room was packed with revelers of all generations – a testament to the band’s contemporary style with retro undertones as well as their 15-year career at the top of the musical game.

The five Mercury-nominated musicians last performed at the popular Norwich venue when they debuted in 2010.

There was barely a moment in the crowded set when revelers weren’t singing and clapping to songs from the band’s six-album discography, all dressed head to toe in drab off-white.

The most outstanding performance of the evening was planetswhich Higgs joked with keyboardist Jeremy Pritchard was the first time the complicated layered center eight had been played without a hitch on the entire tour.

The upbeat anthem ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ offers a rare moment of positivity over the rest of the rest of go to paradise as well as most of the rest of the Everything Everything discography, and united the crowd from the distinct staccato intro.

New track ‘Pizza Boy’ – which fans have been waiting to see live – will have to wait Raw Data Sensation‘s release next month to listen to in full.

The single already acts as a catchy chant and earworm, as the crowd tried to echo Higgs while cheering.

Company favorites and headliners Violent Sun, Distant Past and No Reptiles made up the encore of the already strong 16-song set, with the crowd pumping with movement and vocals in a send-off that left ears buzzing and people sweating before quickly leaving the room.

Sixth album of Everything Everything, Raw Data Sensationis slated for release on May 20.

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