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City of Oakland | Public meetings in May and June to review zoning…

DOSP zoning changes will be released next week

The City of Oakland will host a series of virtual town hall meetings in May and June 2022 to solicit feedback on soon-to-be-released draft zoning amendments for the Oakland Downtown Specific Plan Project (DOSP). The PSOD, which has been developed in several publicly reviewed iterations over the past few years, will be presented to City Council for adoption later this year. This plan provides policy direction on development – ​​connecting land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public spaces, cultural belonging and social equity in downtown Oakland. The DOSP zoning changes include changes to the zoning map and the town planning code, which are the first step towards implementing the plan’s objectives and policies.

The bulk of the proposed changes will be released in April 2022 for public review. Details of the zoning incentive program, including base and incentive intensities and accompanying economic analysis, will be released in mid-May, ahead of the May 25 meeting on this topic. The City will hold three briefings on key aspects of the amendments, followed by a DOSP Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting and a Planning Commission Zoning Update Committee (ZUC) hearing . Community members are encouraged to save the following dates to attend these virtual meetings.

Upcoming meetings

Public Meeting #1: Land Use Activities |
Wednesday May 11, 6-7:30 p.m.

  • What activities (such as housing, retail, industrial, and office) are permitted or prioritized in which parts of downtown Oakland?
  • Where will new zoning changes encourage new housing and dense development?
  • How to encourage artistic and cultural uses or fill empty commercial spaces?

Public Meeting #2: Special Districts|
Monday May 16, 6-7:30 p.m.

  • How will new developments be sheltered from sea level rise?
  • How will it contribute to walkable streetscapes in a new green loop?
  • How will the Plan support arts and cultural districts like the Black Arts Movement and Business District (BAMBD)?

Public meeting #3: Development standards + Zoning incentive program | Wednesday May 25, 6-7:30 p.m.

  • What will development look like? What will be its height and density?
  • How will developers be able to earn additional development capacity as an incentive to provide community amenities? What additional benefits, and how much, will the community receive in return?
  • How will the regulations enable the transfer of development rights (TDRs) to protect historic buildings?

Community Advisory Group (CAG) Discussion | Thursday June 2, 6-7:30 p.m.
The permanent DOSP CAG will discuss the proposed amendments and provide feedback to staff.

Hearing of the Zoning Advisory Committee (ZUC) | Wednesday, June 8, 3-5 p.m.
The Planning Commission’s ZUC will review draft amendments, hear community input provided at information meetings and the CAG, collect public input, and provide staff with direction on the revisions.

Provide feedback on DOSP zoning changes

In addition to the changes themselves, the City will provide the public with summaries of the main changes and a series of videos intended to explain: 1) the PSOD; 2) the purpose of the zoning; and 3) how zoning changes are intended to achieve the objectives of the DOSP. Community members will be able to provide feedback on the drafts by directly commenting on the changes themselves, completing a survey, emailing City staff, and/or sharing their thoughts at a meeting.

Following this public review period, the City will review the changes and return the revisions to the ZUC later this summer. Next, staff will bring both the final draft zoning amendments and the final draft PSOD, which was revised in response to public comments received in late 2019 as well as the COVID-19 outbreak, at the city ​​council in late 2022 for adoption hearings.

Stay involved!

Please Register on the project website ( to receive updates when zoning changes are posted. Updates will let you know how to review, comment, and participate in community discussions about the changes.

In the meantime, you can view existing Plan publications, including Public review of the DOSP project and Public review of Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the project website.

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