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Carneros Resort & Spa: Review of a Sustainable Luxury Hotel in Napa Valley

As international travel has opened up again, many people are understandably even more comfortable sticking to national getaways, giving the opportunity to explore areas they may not have. not be able to discover before or revisit beloved places.

If you’re not sure where to book your next trip, it’s time to consider a trip to the Northern California wine country. An adventure in Napa Valley is always a good idea, because what could be better than a vacation spent relaxing among rolling vineyards, glass of wine in hand? Sure, there are plenty of wineries in the United States (and overseas, of course), but you can’t go wrong with a visit to Napa, which remains the benchmark for wine tasting in the country. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the beauty of Napa.

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While it once seemed like you could only choose luxury or durability, it turns out the two are not mutually exclusive. Just look at Carneros Resort and Spa, a five-star hotel set on 28 pristine acres of Napa Valley. While Carneros, which opened in 2003, is undoubtedly one of the most lavish and upscale places in the wine country, it is also truly eco-friendly. Carneros has the impression of staying in a sumptuous private estate; the gardens are filled with lush greenery and brightly colored flowers, while idyllic teak benches and chairs dot the landscape, for whenever you want to take a minute to breathe, relax and enjoy the scenery.

And no, this is not a greenwashing situation: Carneros is part of Beyond Green, a new portfolio of hotels and resorts that only accepts members who adhere to specific sustainable development principles. “Beyond Green was launched as a brand that represents sustainability leadership in action and impact, based on our core values ​​of nature, culture and community,” Costas told Observer Christ, co-founder and executive director of Beyond Green. “We wanted to demonstrate what is truly possible through sustainability innovation, leadership and inspiring customer experiences. “

All bedrooms are self-contained cottages, which further adds to the private atmosphere of the house. Vino is the main event of a trip to wine country, but there is plenty to do at the hotel outside of tasting Napa reds, whether you want to take a dip in the hilltop pool. , play on the pétanque court, indulge in the spa treatment or participate in a fitness class.

Plot ? Here’s everything you need to know about Beyond Green’s Carneros Resort and Spa.

The rooms are absolutely idyllic.

The complex is made up of private cottages distributed in mini-districts.

Carneros is made up of just 100 accommodations, including self-contained homes and cottages that provide ultimate privacy for the most serene experience. The cottages are located in mini-neighborhoods, with outdoor-worthy names like Persimmon, Sycamore, Poppy, and Lavender. Like the rest of the resort, all rooms are designed with a modern take on farm-inspired architecture, featuring a neutral color palette and wood accents in airy interiors. While all of the rooms, which start at $ 1,100 a night, are lovely, I have a soft spot for the Harvest Cottage I stayed in on a recent press trip to Carneros with Beyond Green; the outdoor space is amazing, as the private courtyard is outfitted with lush trees, lounge chairs, a fire pit, table and chairs, as well as the dreamiest outdoor tub. And yes, it is in addition to the outdoor shower that you can also enjoy.

I highly recommend using the private wine dispenser and relaxing in a bubble bath outside.

Each room has its own private wine dispenser.

Just in case you forget you’re in the wine country, each room at Carneros comes with its own wine dispenser, so you can enjoy a glass of Napa vino whenever your heart desires. Besides the attractive wine-growing location, most rooms also come with private fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, and the aforementioned outdoor shower.

Get the real farm-to-table treatment in the appropriately named Main Restaurant.

Treat yourself to a true farm-to-table dining experience at the aptly named Farm at Carneros.

Carneros is home to three different dining establishments, but surely the most exciting is Farm, the hotel’s agricultural restaurant that offers a true farm-to-table experience. New chef John Carney is elevating the current garden-to-table program as the hotel unveiled eight elevated culinary gardens on the property, which will grow 50 varieties of organic herbs and vegetables. The menu is “heavily influenced by the Napa Valley microseason,” said Edward Costa, Carneros Managing Director, and the chef uses only perfectly seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. When I had dinner at Farm this fall, Carney told me that the first two courses of the absolutely delicious meal (a cold tomato soup and a garden squash ratatouille) were made entirely with ingredients from the garden a few feet away. outside.

The Boon Fly Café serves classics like fried chicken.

Or enjoy a bite to eat at the Boon Fly Café or the Hilltop Dining Room.

The Boon Fly Café is a much more relaxed atmosphere, with dishes like fried chicken and donuts which I was told are a must try. There is also the Hilltop Dining Room, which is located near the pool and spa. It is only open to Carneros guests and offers picturesque views of the 28-acre resort.

A spa appointment is a must.

Embrace the ultimate in zen with a relaxing spa treatment.

You can’t go wrong with any of the soothing spa treatments including facials, scrubs, and baths, but I highly recommend indulging in a massage, where your therapist will use a personalized blend of oils. relaxing essentials to pamper you. Make sure you get the full experience by spending time on the private outdoor terrace, where you can admire the view of the vineyard. The spa also makes sure to appreciate the seasons, and offers fall and winter-inspired treatments for cooler temperatures, as well as fall tea with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and spices.

Take a tour outside the property and discover the nearby vineyards.

There is nothing wrong with staying on the property, but you * should * go see a vineyard … or three.

This is Napa, so there are endless wine options for every type of wine lover. That said, if you want to continue in the sustainable vein of a visit to a hotel like Beyond Green’s Carneros, you should definitely book a tasting at the neighboring Bouchaine winery, which happens to be the oldest working winery in the region. The vineyard, which emphasizes sustainable agriculture, offers one of the best tasting experiences – not only can you try some superb varietals, but you can also opt for a ride in the winery’s van, in order to ‘have a view of the entire vineyard and sip your wine while admiring the pristine scenery.

The boutique hotel is dedicated to the Beyond Green principles.

The hotel is strongly committed to Beyond Green’s principles of sustainability and community.

“Sustainable tourism is an ongoing commitment of Carneros Resort and Spa,” Costa told Observer. “In addition to adhering to constantly evolving guidelines, we have established an associated“ Beyond Green ”committee in the complex. This allows our team members to truly understand and appreciate the effort. The hotel works with and supports the Napa Valley Community Foundation, which includes outreach efforts like donating food and produce to areas affected by local wildfires.

The hotel “also supports education and equity initiatives in the wine world, including its Diversity in Wine program, which showcases wines made from winemakers and colored winegrowers,” Costa explained. . “Ten percent of the proceeds goes to a scholarship program created by Napa Valley Vintners in partnership with UNCF. The aim of the scholarship is to help people of color achieve university degrees in areas of the wine industry ranging from viticulture and winemaking, marketing, business, etc. Now that you know that sustainability and luxury travel can go hand in hand, maybe it’s time to incorporate this philosophy into your own future adventures.

* The stay at this hotel was part of a press trip offered by Beyond Green. The views and opinions expressed are those of the journalist. *

Inside Carneros Resort and Spa, the Napa Valley hotel that epitomizes sustainable luxury

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