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Running a medical practice requires more than patient care. Daily tasks such as arranging schedules, checking insurance eligibility, filing clean claims, tracking patient billing, and integrating this information into a health record system electronics consume valuable time that could otherwise be spent on patient care. This is where healthcare practice management systems like CareCloud come in. Medical software helps office staff streamline administrative tasks efficiently.

CareCloud is a cloud-based healthcare technology company that provides a full suite of tools such as patient management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic health records (EHR), patient experience (PXM) and robotic process automation.

CareCloud Concierge: CareCloud Concierge is CareCloud’s revenue cycle management tool. It frees practitioners from the burden of collections so they can focus on patient care. With this tool, the CareCloud website boasts that users will increase collections by 7% or more while reducing staffing costs. CareCloud’s dedicated back-office team manages the revenue cycle, including payment posting, claim submissions, work refusals, payer tracking, and issuing payment statements to help users improve processes, minimize rejections and get paid faster.

CareCloud Center: CareCloud Central is CareCloud’s practice management solution that automates all the day-to-day tasks that can bog down a practice. The package includes foolproof medical billing software with advanced automated billing rules that help office staff avoid costly mistakes and get paid faster, and a financial workflow that makes it easier to prepare claims . The package also includes comprehensive scheduling software that allows users to easily book and confirm appointments, check insurance eligibility, and log patient check-ins and check-outs. This plan also includes patient management so practitioners can view and update patient demographics, insurance details, and account history from one place.

CareCloud Charts: Charts is CareCloud’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) plan. It allows practitioners to manage patient flow, prescribe prescriptions online, and view a patient’s health summary, including medications, issues, allergies, vital signs, labs, and vaccinations , from one place. The web-based EHR software also offers critical clinical decision support capabilities such as drug interaction identification.

The CareCloud website does not list the price breakdown for any of its plans.

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