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Bankruptcy lawyer disbarred after penalties in 30 cases

Lawyer in bankruptcy barred after penalty in 30 cases

A bankruptcy lawyer who has been punished by the courts for at least 30 times has signed a consent to be barred from practicing in Washington, DC, following another sanction that was issued in Florida in the last month.

Sam Babbs III consented to be disbarred from Washington due to accusations of misconduct that involved making use of client advances and practicing laws in states that he is not licensed. The District of Columbia Council on Professional Responsibility this week recommended to let the city’s most powerful court, which supervises lawyer misconduct, sanction the lawyer.

His disbarment is scheduled to take effect on April 11, this quote from a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which gives the bar a chance, regulators stated, to stop his practice. He is an active member of the DC Bar since 2009.

Florida Supreme Court revoked license

In a separate case in a separate case, in a separate case, the Florida Supreme Court last month banned the practice of law for at minimum five years. It was reported that the DC Bar Disciplinary Office said certain cases they were investigating were similar to the complaints against him filed in Florida.

Babbs his work, which has been focused on bankruptcy matters which involve families and individuals said to Reuters on Wednesday that he had no desire to work in bankruptcy law in the future and decided to not contest. claims.

“You must be aware of when to hold them in place and the right time to bend them” He said.

He also said he would be able to apply to apply for admission to the bar. Babbs stated that his business plan that he used to try to establish and sustain the national practice through using local attorneys, is a result from “bad guidance.” According to the DC Bar Disciplinary Office was reviewing a recommendation made by the US Trustee Program, the bank watchdog for the US Department of Justice.

“In more than 30 instances the bankruptcy courts reprimanded me for engaging in the unconstitutional legal practice, imposing unreasonable fees and violating bankruptcy laws, such as not making the required disclosures,” said Babbs to the DC Bar Discipline Team.

Courts of bankruptcy can bar Babbs from appearing again and ordered him to repay any fees he’d been paid by clients. On Wednesday Babbs was barred from appearing in court. DC Bar Disciplinary Office declined to provide a response. The case is called In the matter of Sam Babbs III, DC Board on Professional Responsibility, Disciplinary Docket 2021-D142 and.

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