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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review: Spacious comfort for the XL gamer

Big gamers rejoice – the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL Gaming Chair is a spacious, well-built luxury chair that will rock you in comfort. The Kaiser 3 is available in two sizes: Large and extra large. The large model is for people up to 6’2″ tall and weighing less than 260 pounds. The XL model is more suited to those with a Viking physique: its generous Titan steel frame can accommodate a person up to 6’9″ and 395 lbs.

Priced at $549, this deluxe computer chair isn’t just for gaming sessions. good to come back and play a few hours of Elden Ring after dinner. It is available in premium leatherette or breathable linen fabric, with dense foam that won’t sag.

I tested the XL model, and although I’m only 5’2″, my husband and oldest son are 6’4″. They’re not small people, and the Kaiser 3 fits them better than any office chair we’ve purchased. And the chair is so adjustable that I could also enjoy it while sitting cross-legged.

One of the best gaming chairs we’ve tested, the Kaiser 3 features an internal lumbar support system with four settings and a magnetic memory foam neck pillow that stays in place without straps. The armrests swivel, move up and down and side to side – wherever you like to rest your elbows, this chair has you covered.

Due to the extreme adaptability of the chair, I was able to customize it to fit our corner computer desk. Normal office chairs with armrests crash into my desk – with the Kaiser 3 I could lower the right armrest to slide under the desk, while keeping the left armrest at a comfortable height for support . It’s the little things that can make a home office more enjoyable.

Specifications: AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL model

Tapestry PVC leatherette or linen fabric
Total height (with base) 53.9 inches
Height from floor to seat 17.3 – 20 inches
Armrest adjustments 4 way adjustable, magnetic
Tilt 90° to 165°
Back length 33.4 inches
Backrest width (at the shoulders) 22.8
Sitting area width (point of contact) 12.75 inches
Sitting area width (total) 20.8 inches
Seating area depth 22.4 inches
Armrest width 3.5 inches
Armrest height 24.4 to 31.8 inches
recommended maximum weight 395 pounds
lester 75 pounds
guarantee 2 years, covers manufacturing defects, missing materials and major defects in the functionality of the gas lift, armrests, tilt and casters.

Assembly of the AndaSeat Kaiser 3

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The Kaiser 3 is a beast of a chair and weighs 75 pounds shipped. It has easy to follow instructions and comes with all the tools you will need to assemble it. Don’t be scared off by the catalog-sized instruction booklet – instructions are given in 10 languages, with color photos for each step.

Everything is well packed with lots of foam. The smaller pieces – wheels, handles, covers – are packed in a separate box.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Assembling the chair is quite simple. Snap the wheels onto their sockets and mount the piston on the wheelbase. The screws on the backrest are pre-installed so you know where they belong. Remove them and slide the backrest onto the seat supports. Now put the screws back. A magnetic cover quickly hides the screws when you’re done.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

For safety reasons, the tilt function is locked with a bright red screw and a stern warning to remove it only after the top of the chair has been assembled. Once the security screw is removed, the hole is replaced by a snap-on cover.

Then tilt the chair face down. Attach the levers to the tilt mechanism and place the mechanism on the bottom of the chair with four screws. Slide the wheelbase into the mechanism and carefully return the chair to an upright position.

The padded armrest covers attach with magnets, as does the neck pillow.

Design of the AndaSeat Kaiser 3

The Kaiser 3 has a deluxe gaming chair design, which means it looks like a racing car seat with armrests. You can choose between two materials, DuraXtra Leatherette or EverSoft Linen Fabric. Leatherette comes in six colors (Elegant Black, Classic Brown, Cloudy White, Creamy Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, Blazing Orange, and Bentley Brown) and Linen comes in two (Ash Gray and Carbon Black). The frame, pillow and armrests are black in all colours. I tested the faux leather in sleek black, and it was soft and comfortable even in shorts.

DuraXtra faux leather is stain resistant and easy to clean with a damp microfiber cloth and soapy water. EverSoft Cloth can be vacuumed, but spills should be blotted up with a cloth as soon as possible. AndaSeat recommends water-based solutions for stain removal.

The upholstery wraps completely around the chair, including the backrest – there is very little exposed plastic. The chair is embroidered with the AndaSeat logo on the front, back and pillow of the chair, which is not too unpleasant. Dark colors are stylish enough for an office.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

As I mentioned earlier, the chair comes in two generous sizes, so it can fit almost anyone. The Large is for people 4’11” to 6’2″ and up to 260 lbs. The XL is for people 5’11” to 6’9″ and up to 395 lbs. The chair is easily adjustable , so that a couple can share it despite the height differences.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The magnetic pillow is ingenious. It has a cold gel layer and a memory foam layer over an integrated rubber cushion with four super strong magnets. Magnets hold the pillow securely to the steel headrest rails which keep the pillow centered while allowing it to move up and down. If you choose not to use the pillow, the rails are padded enough that you won’t notice them.

I couldn’t figure out why the armrests were held on by magnets and not just clipped into place until I checked the website. AndaSeat plans to release a desk accessory for the Kaiser Seat 3. This retractable table will allow you to use the chair as a complete desk unit, with an integrated holder for a phone or tablet.

(Image credit: AndaSeat website)

Comfort and settings on the AndaSeat Kaiser 3

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 has an ergonomic seat base and dense foam padding to provide solid support. I tested the leatherette model and the padding was smooth and soft with no rough spots to scratch my legs in shorts.

There are so many ways to adjust the chair to suit your body and seating style, it’s like sitting on a custom made leatherette throne. Best of all, all knobs and adjustment knobs blend discreetly into the chair’s design while still being easy to use.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

A lever on the side of the seat allows you to recline. You can tilt at any point, from 90° vertical to 165° almost flat.

A large knob at the bottom of the seat adjusts the tilt tension to control how much the chair tilts based on your weight. A large lever at the bottom of the chair locks the tilt mechanism at your desired angle or lets you swing freely. Another lever controls the height of the chair.

Three discreet buttons on each armrest allow you to move the armrests up and down, back and forth, or swivel. Large knobs on the side of the chair control the lumbar support, with one side adjusting the height of the support and the other adjusting the amount of support.

The only tricky adjustment is how far you want the armrests away from the chair, widthwise. This is controlled by secure screws at the bottom of the chair.


The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is the perfect chair for people of all sizes who want exceptional adjustability and comfort. Since there is both a large and an XL model, you can choose a chair that suits your frame for an almost custom fit. No more squeezing into a chair that’s too small or swimming in a chair that’s too big.

It’s a great computer chair for all-day use, whether you’re writing expense reports or storming the virtual castle. Just sit in the more upright chair for serious keyboarding, or relax for video consumption. It provides great lumbar support for those who need it and a comfortable pillow that sticks exactly where you put it.

It’s more expensive than your typical office chair, but far superior in quality and construction to a cheap chair you might buy at a big box store. But if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, consider the AndaSeat Jungle that we saw for as little as $199.

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